Susanna Sadovski


Studio X is a video production studio specializing in podcasts, video production, and motion graphics.

Project Brief

I collaborated with an in-house creative team to develop the branding for a video production studio near Minneapolis, MN. We created a brand identity that aligned with the company’s core values of ‘Think Bolder and Be Better’.

Software:  Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop

My Role: Graphic Design

Scope:  Studio Research | Brand Name Ideation | Visual Identity | Client Presentation

Project Duration: June – October 2022

Studio Research

I performed research on competitor studios with similar core values and design styles to Xerxes Global. I analyzed our competitors’ visual identity and brand messaging to find design inspirations.


I participated in brainstorming sessions to create potential names for the studio. Our top names were Apix, Resolute, Venturous, Gallus, Studiorama, and Forged Studio. To explore the names, I started with simple sketches of logos before working on them digitally.

Studio logo sketches


“Resolute” originates from the words resolution and resolute, which means to be unwavering and purposeful. I designed a logo that featured an endless “R” created using negative space, inspired by the iconic Beats logo. The shape of the “R” featured an arrow referencing a play button and emphasized moving with purpose.

Resolute logo


“Gallus” means bold and daring, which serve as the foundation of our studio’s identity. I created a timeless yet modern logo.

Gallus logo


“Orama” means bigger and better. I captured our ambition to have a better studio by combining the “studio” and “orama,” I also drew emphasis onto the “o” by incorporating a colored lens.

Studiorama logo


“Venturous,” means being willing to take risks, so I incorporated a jet into the logo. The jet symbolizes adventure and taking on challenges. I captured our brands adventurous spirit and willingness to take bold steps forward by adding this element.


Forge means building or creating something through a strong and lasting relationship. We chose “Forged” as our studio name, symbolizing the collaborative nature of our work. I incorporated two interlocking “f’s” to form a cohesive whole in the logo. The design resembled a film strip, which emphasized our focus on visual storytelling and passion for collaborative creativity.


“Apix,” is a play on the word apex, which means rising to the the highest point. At Apix, we aspire to produce video content of the highest quality that sets us apart from our competitors. To reflect this idea, I added a stairs icon to the logo. The stairs are a reference to the word apex and the stairs leading up the studio.


Apix logo
Venturous white logo

Studio X

After exploring various logo designs, the final name chosen was “Studio X,” which relates to Studio Xerxes. I designed the typography, color palette, and other visual elements for the brand identity. I created a consistent and distinctive style that effectively represents Studio X’s core values.


Style Guide

For my color palette, I drew inspiration from the video production studio. I incorporated the blues and yellows found in the studios cabinets and chairs. I also chose black as the main background color to evoke the atmosphere of a dim-lit studio. I incorporated lens flare images that used our brand colors and to reflect our tagline “Where Authenticity and Innovation Collide”


Studio X MacBook

Client Presentation

Studio X presentation