Susanna Sadovski

The Minneapolis Design Show is an annual virtual show featuring the graduating designers’ portfolios at Minneapolis College. The designers collaborate to design, develop, and market a website that displays their unique talents, backgrounds, and creativity.

Software:  Adobe Illustrator & XD

My Role: UI Design

Scope: Wireframing, Prototyping, QA Testing

Project Duration: February – May 2023

Project Brief

I was a part of a collaborative web design project with a team of UX students, led by a project lead. Our goal was to improve the user interface of the portfolio website, based on a similar structure taken from the previous year’s site. We collaborated to design a responsive website, using a graceful degradation approach to prioritize our users and the features of the desktop experience.

Digital Wireframes



Using a style guide created by our Creative Direction Team,  I incorporated a header separating the content and design elements. This made the design cleaner and accessible. For easier access, I moved the links devoted to the previous years’ shows to the footer. Our team also proposed to implement a parallax scrolling effect to add an interactive element into the desktop website experience. 


Our main limitations were time and resources. Although we implemented the parallax scrolling effect into the prototype, we did not include this feature in the final site. Our main focus was on the user, and meeting a tight deadline for the virtual portfolio show. 


High-Fidelity Prototype