Susanna Sadovski

MN Health is a public health organization aiming to protect, maintain, and improve the lives of Minnesotans.

Software:  Adobe Illustrator & InDesign

My Role: Graphic Design

Scope: Brand Research, Ideation, Poster and Social Media Design, Iteration

Project Duration: April – June 2022

Project Brief

I designed a poster and Instagram advertisement for MN Health during my Illustrator class at Minneapolis College. My goal was to increase awareness for their COVID-19 marketing campaign. Both my poster and advertisement were chosen in a design contest held by MDH. Once I was selected, I went through 3 rounds of editing with the MDH creative team to finalize the designs. As a result, my design was published for this campaign and I was commissioned for this project.

Brand & Safety Campaign Research

For my research, I performed a visual audit of the brand guidelines for MDH and Stay Safe MN. I planned to incorporate the Stay Safe MN gradient in my design to ensure consistency with current marketing collateral for their safety campaign. 

MDH Colors
MDH gradient

“Images shared with permission from MDH.”

MDH Moodboard


I received permission to change the original title “Ready for takeoff? Lay the groundwork for a smooth trip during COVID-19.” To make it more engaging, I brainstormed various ways to shorten MN Health’s original headline.

I sketched different modes of transportation and diverse individuals of various genders, races, and social classes who may be traveling during the pandemic. By incorporating these elements, my design showed inclusivity and diversity which aligned with the marketing collateral and core values of MDH.

Minnesota Department of Health Instagram advertisement