Susanna Sadovski

EBM Software is a financial technology company specializing in business analytics tools to improve & accelerate data processing for financial departments and businesses. 

Software:  Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, & XD

My Role: Graphic Design

Scope: Digital Newsletter, Social Media Design

LinkedIn Ads

I created on-brand social images with my own modern look, increasing EBM Software’s LinkedIn engagement by 104%.

Holiday Card EBM
Finding the right solution social tile
Faster reporting social tile
Keeping with the changing CFO role social tile


I designed a newsletter multi-page pdf for EBM Software. After creating and analyzing the design, the amount of content was overwhelming for our customers. Our team strategically decided to create an accessible email template by reducing the content.

By designing a cleaner and more impactful layout for the digital newsletter, we were able to track its performance and increase brand awareness more efficiently. As a result, we successfully boosted the average opening rate by an impressive 50%.

Zendesk Tiles

I designed on-brand cover images for the software tools, Catalyst and Diligent. My designs were similar, but they had distinct colors that helped customers easily identify the differences between them.

EBM Software cover image

I also collaborated with a creative and marketing team to redesign a visual identity and website. This project is confidential. Please contact me for further details.