Susanna Sadovski

ARC is the parent company of CMA and SIMA. CMA is an association consisting of over 270+ corporate retailers, CPG companies, and industry leaders. As corporate members, they enjoy various benefits, including networking events, certification credits, training programs, and more.

Software: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop

My Role: Graphic Design

Deliverables: PDF Redesign | Case Study


The company was using a one-page PDF to communicate the benefits available to its members. However, the current document did not communicate the company’s current membership benefits well. My goal was to redesign the PDF and incorporate a clean and consistent design style similar to that of the CMA website.

Original PDF

Member benefits redesign mockup


We created two PDFs: one for current members and one for solution providers. Collaborating with our marketing team, I created visual elements and incorporated engaging language. By using the available space wisely, we would effectively communicate with our members to increase memberships.

Case study cover

Case Study Cover

I worked on this multi-page category disruptor case study. The results of the study are protected under an NDA. My involvement in this project was designing the layout of the images, type, and creating on brand graphics and charts.